I’ve joined 2003… I have a blog

Hello friends, family, and anyone else who happens to read my blog.

I was recently inspired by my brother in law, Maurice Cowley, who set out to write 40 blog entries in 40 days, in an effort to flex a “writing muscle” that he felt had atrophied.  I can relate to his sentiment, as writing is something that I have always enjoyed, and something I’ve always felt that I excel at (I’ll differentiate “writing” from “spelling” in this instance).

When I arrived at The University of Washington in October of 1997 I was met with the harsh reality that in the world of higher education, the writing (and reading for that matter) that is required of you leaves little time or creative energy to write or read for leisure.  In other words, you have to write and read so much because your professor told you to that when you do have time to relax with a good book or pen and paper, you are burnt out and would rather spend your time doing what most college kids do in their spare time… drinking and chasing girls.  As with many things I abandoned when I entered adulthood, I’ve done a poor job of forcing myself to carve out time to write.  And so, because it’s free, because I can, and most importantly because I want to, I’m starting this blog.

However, I feel, at least for me personally, that writing without purpose is a waste of time.  And so, my blog has a purpose.

The purpose of my blog is to present facts, opinions, and logical thought that will cause its readers to either change their opinion on the issues presented, reinforce their opinions (even if it’s because they disagree with me even more after reading the blog than they did before), or just plain change the way they think about things.  I believe that in today’s society, because information is so readily available from thousands of different sources, it’s become commonplace to seek out public voices that reinforce what we already believe, despite the presence of dissenting opinions or contradictory facts that are not presented in that particular media outlet we choose to get our information from.

I don’t believe that I have more information than you, the reader.  Nor do I feel that I’m uniquely qualified to write about the subjects I’m going to write about.  What I will do is make sure that my opinions have a logical thought map that can be clearly presented from A to Z, that my “facts” are gathered from a combination of independent sources and personal experience, and that I TRY to look through the eyes of those who disagree with me (I don’t think it’s ever really possible to do this, but the effort can lead to broadness of thought).  I am not a news reporter, nor do I claim to be.  I’m just someone who wishes that there were more people out there who would second guess what they “know to be true.”

To everyone who chooses to read this blog, thank you for choosing to open your mind.  I welcome all feedback, positive and negative, as long as it is well thought out.


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