An Open Letter to the Worst Executives in Pro Sports

Dear Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Armstrong,

Today was the last straw.

I am writing to inform you that you have alienated a lifelong Mariners fan.  While you seem to think that you can continue acting as the worst ownership group in pro-sports and the fans will stick around because we love our Mariners, you’re wrong.  As it stands, I will no longer spend any money that goes towards your organization.  Instead, I will spend this money with the 2 other pro-sports franchises in Seattle, the 2 that will be here shortly, and the University I attended which, unlike you, is spending money to become more competitive, and give its fans a better product.  I refuse to be taken advantage of, and that is exactly what you are trying to do.

You see, the other sports franchises in our town (and I’ll call UW a pro franchise, because it basically is) understand that if you are going to raise your ticket prices, you should have a valid reason, and/or be going to market with a superior product.  Not only have you done neither, you have done the opposite.

I’d understand if payroll was going up, but hold on a second… you have cut your payroll in half in the last 5 years.

I’d understand if your product was so popular that you were simply responding to supply and demand, but that’s not it. SOCCER draws twice as many fans as you.  SOCCER.  And those fans are WAY more interested in the game than the fans who still think right field is “are 51.”

I MIGHT understand if you were spending money (or even time) to help bring back Seattle’s most historically successful franchise, but you’re doing the opposite… publicly fighting the new arena.

You know nothing about baseball, yet continually act as if you do, meddling in personnel decisions, driving away hall of fame athletes and well-respected managers and general managers.  Nobody will sign with us because they know that you have no idea what you are doing.  I wonder what the general public would do if they knew that we lost Randy Johnson over a few million dollars because, in your expert baseball and medical opinion, his back was going to give out, and he wasn’t worth the investment?  Or that ARod didn’t re-sign because he didn’t want to play for you?  Or that HOF general manager Pat Gillick was so hamstrung by you that he elected to “retire” just so he could find another job without making a scene?  This has been a long time coming.

I can’t just turn off my love for the M’s.  Not with all the joy they have brought me over the years.  But I sure as hell don’t have to spend another dime justifying your ludicrous baseball and business decisions.  So I’m not going to.

When Nintendo sells the franchise, or we’re competing for a playoff spot in September, I might reconsider.  But until then, have fun raking in everyone else’s money.  You’re not getting mine.


A fan whose team you ruined.


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