Seattle Sports Fans Are The Luckiest Sports Fans In The Country

Cover Photo

There is value in being loved.  Nobody would ever dispute that.  If you think you can dispute that statement, I’d love to hear it.

But it takes a special kind of person to be able to comprehend that money has less value than love.

In the world of “I need to get paid,” there are plenty of stories like Lebron and ARod.  Plenty of Pujols and Prince Fielders.  Nobody blames them for leaving for bigger markets and bigger pay days.  But there are very few Felixes.  And none quite as young as he is.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this clip of his press conference after signing a $175million contract with the Mariners today.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the man would play in Seattle for free.  But he passed up millions in endorsements that he would have gotten in a market like NY or LA.  He did it because he knew that once he gave up what he had in Seattle, he could never get it back.  Griffey is loved, but Edgar is revered.  And now, barring catastrophic injury, and assuming he doesn’t have a change of heart, he will likely retire as the most beloved icon in Seattle sports history.  And any success the team has moving forward will be remembered as Felix’s team.

And Seattle sports fans are lucky we have a superstar like him who “gets it.”

As most people know by now, 2 young quarterbacks have created a buzz in their West coast cities by mixing their air and ground attack.  One of them kisses himself when he scores.  The other one ends every public speaking opportunity by rooting on his team.  One of them taunts opposing sidelines when he runs out of bounds to avoid getting hit.  The other one gives up passing Payton Manning’s rookie TD record because jogging it in was safer than a 5 yard pass to a sure handed Tight End.  One of them talks about how good he is, the other about how hard he works.  We could have had Colin Kaepernick.  We got Russell Wilson.  We got lucky.

So that’s 2 SPECIAL sports icons playing at the same time, and both of them want to be here.

On top of these once in a lifetime superstars who care, we’ve also gotten to see one of the greatest point guards in NBA history, one of the greatest pitchers, center fielders, catchers and shortstops in Major League Baseball’s 100+ year history, not to mention unique players like the Reign Man and the first MLB player to ever wear his first name on his back.  We’ve witnessed the winningest season in baseball history, and watched one of the greatest games in playoff history, a game well known that it’s simply called “the double.”

So the next time some smug fan from NY tells you how miserable it must be, ask him which players the Yankees will be renting next year?  Then give him the finger and tell him it’s from me.


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