Fat Girl Friday

As I learned about nutrition (which I’ve been studying since 2007, despite not following what I learned), one of the things I found is that when losing weight, it’s encouraged to have a high calorie day.  This stops your body from thinking it’s going in to starvation mode and keeps it burning calories efficiently.  Not often, but once every 5-6 days is what is recommended.  But there’s more than one way to “cheat.”  The ideal way would be to consume larger quantities of the healthiest foods you can find.  Yet another, which I’m currently having success with, is to let yourself have a treat, maybe 2, that you normally wouldn’t eat.  When I was first starting on my weight loss, Keri and I had an agreement that every Friday was “Fat Girl Friday.”  In other words, all bets are off, eat as much as you want of whatever you want.  Keri never took it to the extreme I did.

Even today, my diet is far from perfect.  I drink Odwalla, which is high in sugars, albeit natural ones.  I eat planters dry roasted peanuts instead of the natural ones that I should.  I eat processed foods like deli turkey because they are , have a soda once or twice a week, maybe a doughnut on a Friday, but not if it causes me to run a calorie surplus, and not very often.  It keeps me grounded because I don’t have to feel like I’ve thrown things I enjoy in to a black pit… I’ve just put them in storage to be taken out and enjoyed one at a time rather than bathing myself in them.  Weird semi-analogy there but I hope it makes sense.

And because I’m paying strict attention to my nutrition, I know in advance what I need to do to make the calorie burn work effectively, and can factor my “treat” in.

Even as I type this I worry that I’ll slip back in to old ways.  But then I remember how it felt then and think about how I’m starting to feel again and I know that ever day is a win, and ever win is a step towards a championship.  Ya, I know that’s cheezy.  I don’t care.


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