Thank you to anyone who is reading these

I wanted to extend and honest and heartfelt thank you to everyone who is reading these.  Especially those of you who have come up to me and mentioned that you read it.  You kept me going today.

I stated from the beginning that I did this to keep myself accountable… failure is not an option when you’ve proclaimed to the world that you’ve made a change.

Today, for the first time in 2 weeks I really did not want to go to the gym at lunch.  I started to rationalize… “It’s ok, I played softball all weekend.”  “I’m doing Yoga tonight, that can be my workout.”  “Listen to your body, your legs are tired.”

While listening to your body is always good, my legs were tired, not injured or hurt.  Yoga doesn’t burn the kind of calories that I need to achieve my goals, and I played softball Saturday (albeit for 7 hours spread over a 15 hour day), and this is Monday.

When I got on the machine, I wanted to quit after 5 minutes.  My legs were tired, my energy levels were down, my music wasn’t doing it for me.

And then I told myself “I promised publicly that I wasn’t going to quit.”  So I finished.  It was hard, it sucked, but I knew I had it in me and I did.  I didn’t do it with the intensity I wanted, or with the excitement I wanted, but I finished my 45 minutes and burned 600 calories.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown support.  Whether you realize it or not, every single word resonates and motivates me.



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