Caught myself

Once again trying to keep myself honest.

I’ve often wondered how people who had achieved so much more than I have with regards to weight loss have managed to slip all the way back?

I’ve found one potential cause of relapse… over correction. In both directions.

First, you get so gung-ho about improving your health that you cut out literally everything even moderately bad and work out constantly.  You realize you are running a huge deficit and start relaxing on a few things.  But before you know it you are headed down the same road you worked so hard to get off of.

Fortunately, I didn’t get that far down the road before I realized what was going on.  It wasn’t a huge thing… 1 soda on a weekend turned in to 1 on a Friday and one on a Saturday or Sunday.  That turned in to one every day of the weekend, except Friday which I was allowed one at lunch and one at dinner.  Shortly after that I added 1 at the movies.  And last Saturday on the way to a softball tournament I found myself drinking a mountain due at 10:00am.  And that wasn’t my last one of the day.

So the next morning I took a giant bottle of Odwalla with me to the tournament and drank every time I craved soda.  Lots of calories but none of it from soda.  3 days later, so far, so good.

I’ve continued to maintain a calorie deficit 6 days a week so it’s not like it was a huge deal yet, but I could see a pattern.  I also saw a corresponding drop in my interest in working out.  I was still doing it, but I didn’t look forward to it as much and wasn’t really enjoying it.

It’s a fortunate reminder that those temptations that brought me to where I was still existed, I just hadn’t been paying attention to or indulging in them.  Back to ignoring it for a while.  I’m sure I will eventually settle on a middle ground, but until that happens, all I can do is continue to try to be honest with myself.

Thanks for reading!


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