The Adventures of Flat Micah

Dear Micah and Classmates,

My name is Flat Mariner Moose, and I’m the Flat mascot for the Seattle Mariners baseball team. I wanted to thank you for sending Flat Micah to visit his Uncle Kyle and Aunt Keri! I’m a good friend of Kyle’s, so he introduced me to Flat Micah on his vist. Wow, what a guy! I had so much fun hanging out with him! In fact, I offered him a job with the team, but he said he wanted to get back to his pal Micah, so he couldn’t stay in Seattle.

I’m very excited to tell you about Flat Micah’s trip! We even took some pictures so he could share his adventures!

First, Flat Micah went to visit Aunt Keri and Uncle Kyle in Olympia, the capitol of Washington State! It’s about 2 hours from here if you drive, but only 1 hour if you’re a moose and you run really fast! Just kidding, I can’t run that fast.

Aunt Keri and Uncle Kyle took him on a bike ride to the marina, where all the boats are! Here’s a picture of Flat Micah on his bike by the beach!

Flat Micah 1

The next day, Uncle Kyle took Flat Micah to work with him. Flat Micah got to ride on the train, all the way to Seattle!

Flat Micah 2

He had so much fun looking out the window at all the trees and mountains wizzing by!

Flat Micah 3

When they got to Uncle Kyle’s office, Uncle Kyle had to go to a meeting and had to leave his desk, even though he had important work to do. Luckily, Flat Micah was there to save the day! He answered some emails:

Flat Micah 4

He helped Uncle Kyle’s co-worker with a presentation:

Flat Micah 5

He even helped fix the office coffee machine!

After work, Uncle Kyle took him to see the Seahawks stadium, which is next door to his office!

Flat Micah 7

Then they went to the Mariner’s stadium, where they met me, the Flat Mariner Moose!!

Flat Micah 8

I showed him around the stadium and introduced him to my friend Flat Felix Hernandez!

Flat Micah 9

And we got him a hat!

Flat Micah 10

He was so tired after his long day, he took a nap with some of the stuffed animals in the store


Flat Micah 11

When they were done seeing the stadium, we said our goodbyes and they headed home. I begged Flat Micah to stay with me, but he wanted to get home to his friends. Those must be some special friends!

Thank you so much for helping me make a new friend! I can’t wait until Flat Micah comes to visit me again. Maybe he’ll even bring REAL Micah with him!!!

Well class, time for me to go. Have a wonderful summer and remember…



-Flat Moose

Flat Micah 12


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